Conference Date: April 3, 2013, 9:00 am – 5:00 pm
Conference Location: The Omni Hotel, New Haven, CT

New Haven, Conn., April 3, 2013 – Connecticut Governor Dannel P. Malloy and United States Senator for Connecticut Richard Blumenthal opened the proceedings today at StemCONN 2013, a day-long symposium that brought together internationally renowned stem cell researchers from Connecticut and beyond. more

Speakers at StemCONN 2013 included:

Larry Goldstein, Ph.D.
Professor, University of California San Diego; Director, UC San Diego Stem Cell Program

Edison T. Liu, M.D.
President and CEO, Jackson Laboratories; President, Human Genome Organization (HUGO)

Jonathan Rothberg, Ph.D.
Founder and CEO: Ion Torrent Systems, RainDance Technologies; Clarifi; 454 Life Sciences, CuraGen Corporation

David T. Scadden, M.D.
Director, MGH Center for Regenerative Medicine, Co-Director, Harvard Stem Cell Institute

Mark J. Tomishima Ph.D., head of the Stem Cell Research Facility at Sloan-Kettering Institute New York, NY spoke at a Pre-Symposium Breakfast sponsored by Life Technologies. His topic: From heroin to human ESCs: The path to cell replacement therapy for Parkinson's disease.

There were other speakers as well. Check out the complete program!

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Symposium Organizers

Diane Krause, M.D., Ph.D., Yale Stem Cell Center, Yale University

Caroline Dealy, Ph.D., Center for Regenerative Medicine and Skeletal Development, UConn Stem Cell Institute, University of Connecticut Health Center

David Goldhamer, Ph.D., Center For Regenerative Biology, UConn Stem Cell Institute, University of Connecticut

Marianne Horn, R.N., J.D., Office of Research and Development, State of Connecticut Department of Public Health

Janice Naegele, Ph.D., Program in Neuroscience and Behavior, Wesleyan University

Lawrence Rizzolo, Ph.D., Department of Surgery and Ophthalmology, Yale University

Paul Pescatello, J.D., Ph.D., Connecticut United for Research Excellence, Inc. (CURE )

Milt Wallack, D.D.S., Connecticut Stem Cell Coalition

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