Abstract submission

Abstracts submission deadline has been extended to March 13, 2020!

To present a poster at StemCONN2020, follow the instructions below to email the abstract submission form to stemconn20abstract@gmail.com.

If you are a graduate student or postdoctoral associate/fellow, see information below to apply for the Milton Wallack award.


  1. The title should be as brief as possible but long enough to indicate clearly the nature of the study and you should capitalize the first letter of the first word ONLY (place names excluded) and you should not include a period at the end of the title.
  2. Include the authors and affiliations in the space provided.
  3. Include a clearly written summary of the abstract for the lay public, staining the goal of the research. This lay summery should be 150 words or less. Use Normal style, 12-point Times New Roman font
  4. Include a Scientific Abstract in the box provided. The scientific abstract should briefly and clearly state the purpose. The abstract should include an abbreviated description of the methodological approach. The results section should present your findings in a logical sequence. The Discussion and Conclusions section should emphasize new and important aspects of the study and conclusions that are drawn from them.
  5. Provide up to 3 keywords in the space provided for KEY WORDS.
  6. If you are a graduate student or postdoc and would like to apply for the Milt Wallack award, check the box and see information below.
  7. Important notes: Do NOT write outside the grey boxes. Any text outside the boxes will be deleted.
  8. Do NOT alter the structure of this form. Simply enter your information into the boxes. The form will be automatically processed – if you alter its structure your submission will not be processed correctly.

Milton B. Wallack Trainee Award for Excellence in Stem Cell Research

StemConn2020 will recognize excellence in research conducted by a predoctoral or postdoctoral trainee through a merit-based award that recognizes highly innovative and important stem cell research.

The Milton B. Wallack Trainee Award for Excellence in Stem Cell Research is presented in honor of Dr. Milton B. Wallack, a founder of the Connecticut Stem Cell Coalition, a longtime member of the Connecticut Stem Cell Research Advisory Committee, and a consultant to the Regenerative Medicine Research Fund Advisory Committee. The naming of this award both acknowledges and honors Dr. Wallack for his passionate support for stem cell research in the state of Connecticut. Through his efforts to bring together diverse interests toward a common purpose, Connecticut passed the Stem Cell Investment Act in 2005 — an Act supported by our state legislators, our former Governor Rell, and the people of Connecticut and committing $100 million in stem cell research funding over ten years. Dr. Wallack then worked with others to create the Regenerative Medicine Research Fund under Governor Malloy, which continued funding for stem cell and regenerative medicine research.

Dr. Wallack has played a critical role in organizing each biennial StemCONN meeting, and served for many years as a devoted and hardworking member of the Stem Cell Research Advisory Committee (now called the Regenerative Medicine Research Advisory Committee), written countless editorials to local newspapers and business publications in favor of federal and state stem cell funding, helped Yale and UConn with fundraising efforts, and has served as a member of the Connecticut Economic Development Committee.

Dr. Wallack promotes collaborative scientific research between universities in Connecticut and Israel, as well as raises funds to support these international collaborations. Dr. Milton Wallack has served the Connecticut stem cell community with unflagging optimism, diligence, and hard work. Dr. Wallack truly lives a life devoted to making the world a better place. In addition to all that he has done for Connecticut’s stem cell endeavors, he has contributed significantly to the Jewish community, juvenile diabetes care and research, and educational efforts throughout the state and the country. His leadership is worthy not only of honor but also emulation.

Graduate students and postdocs are eligible to apply for the Milt Wallack award, which honors the work of Dr. Milt Wallack in support of stem cell research in Connecticut. To apply, indicate on your abstract form and email one reference (preferably your advisor) stemconn20@gmail.com.