Scientific Program

Daniel Bauer, PhD . Boston Children’s Hospital Blood cell ontogeny

The Bauer lab studies the determinants of blood cell ontogeny and disease using several techniques to perturb and observe blood cells.

Andrew Brack, PhD UCSF Muscle stem cell regulation

The Brack lab studies cell communication between muscle stem cells and their environment to promote muscle regeneration.

Angela Cacace, PhD Arvinas, Inc. Novel cancer therapeutics

Arvinas is developing a new class of drugs that engage the body’s own natural protein disposal system to treat cancers and other difficult-to-treat diseases. 

Allen Eaves, PhD Founder and CEO of STEMCELL Technologies

Eaves was unsatisfied with the tools available to him for his cancer research and his team started creating their own blood stem cell culture media. Within twelve years, the demand for his products was so great, Eaves launched STEMCELL Technologies. Since then, it has become the largest biotech company in Canada.

Connie Eaves, PhD Terry Fox Laboratory Normal and cancer stem cells

The Eaves laboratory focuses on the development, validation and use of quantitative assays that are specific for biologically distinct subsets of these stem cells using syngeneic (mouse-mouse) and xenogeneic (human-mouse) hosts to the study of human breast cancer and leukemic breast cancer.

Anna-Katerina Hadjantonakis, PhD Sloan Kettering Pluripotency and development

The Hadjantonakis laboratory studies pluripotency, cell lineage commitment, tissue patterning, and morphogenesis.

Justin Ichida, PhD University of Southern California Neurodegenerative Diseases

The Ichida lab focuses on understanding how genetic and environmental factors contribute to human neurodegenerative disease.

Se-Jin Lee, MD, PhD Jackson Laboratory/UConn. Tissue Growth and Regeneration

The Lee lab focuses on understanding the cellular and molecular mechanisms by which tissue repair and growth occurs .

Barbara Mellone, PhD University of Connecticut Regulation of Cell Division

The Mellone lab investigates the regulation of cell division and the contribution of centromeres and kinetochores to chromosome division.

Alison O’Neil, PhD Wesleyan University Biochemistry of Neurodegeneration

The O’Neil lab examines the biochemistry of neurodegenerative diseases using differentiated human induced pluripotent stem cells (iPSCs).

Karolina Palucka, PhD Jackson Laboratory Experimental Immunotherapy

The Palucka laboratory specializes in human immunology with a focus on experimental immunotherapy to develop immune-based therapeutics for cancer. 

In-hyun Park, PhD Yale University Human Brain Development

The Park laboratory investigates human brain development and its related disorders through stem cell, genomics, genetics and neurobiological tools.