b'8AWARD2021 Milton B. Wallack Trainee Award RecipientAnn Chen, BSYale UniversityPaired Histopathological and scRNA-seq Analysis Reveals that a Subsetof Cancer Stem Cells Contributes to Glioblastoma InvasionGlioblastoma(GBM)isthemostaggressiveprimarybraincancerand remainsincurable.Inthisstudy,weprofiledGBMinvasionthrough cross-platform analysis of human histology, PDX model and scRNA-seqdatafromtenGBMpatients.Wereportthatwhilecancerstemcells (CSCs) correlate with GBM invasion, only a subset of CSCs contributes significantly to invasive phenotype. Taken together, this work elucidates CSC heterogeneity within GBM and identifies new molecular targets to regulate GBM invasion.Ann Chen is a fifth-year Ph.D. candidate inbiomedical engineering at Yale in the laboratory of Professor Jiangbing Zhou. Ms. Chens research is focused on using bioinformatics, CRISPR, and nanoparticles to design cancer stem cell-targeting therapies that improve glioblastoma response to current treatments.'