b'4LET TERIt is with great pleasure that The Jackson Laboratory (JAX) for Genomic Medicine joins Connecticuts leading academic institutions to co-sponsor StemCONN 2021. JAXs entry into the Connecticut research community may have been relatively recent, but we are already making great strides in life science research and advancing genomic medicine. Our stem cell research is a central component of our overall research program, and we are exploring both the basic biology and clinical applications of stem cell development, programming and maintenance.JAX is excited to participate in and contribute to StemCONN and the outstanding Connecticut stem cell and regenerative medicine research effort. We are also proud to be part of the Connecticut state stem cell core grant and collaborate with our neighbors and peers in this vital research area. The potential for stem-cell based medical advances has never been greater, and Connecticut is well-positioned to be a leader in translating genomic research progress to the clinic.Sincerely,Charles Lee, Ph.D., FACMGDirector The Jackson Laboratory for Genomic Medicine'