b'PL ATINUM SPONSOR PRESENTATION 21 Michael Bronson Ph.D.10x GenomicsExplore Biology Like Never Before with 10x Genomics10x Genomics develops tools to enable high-throughput single-cell genomics and multi-omics technologies. Here we will share new capabilities were launching in 2021 to increase resolution by studying more dimensions and simultaneous measurements providing complete contextincreased scale to study more cells, more tissues, more samples. We will also highlight some of the 10x enabled discoveries that shape our understanding of the cellular, molecular, and temporal mechanisms underlying regeneration,cell-typespecification,andorganformation, giving us a complete picture of development.Visium Spatial Gene Expression Solution enables the study of the cellular organization at histological and anatomical scales and also measures total mRNA + specific proteins from intact tissue sections and maps where gene activity is occurring. This solutionprovidesahigh-resolutionviewofgeneexpression variabilitylocalizationasitappliestothestudyofcancer, neuroscience,developmentalbiology,andmore.Preserving spatial context while identifying distinct groups of cells offers critical information about the relationship of cellular function, phenotype, and location in tissue microenvironments.ChromiumSingleCellMultiomeATAC+GeneExpressionenables the simultaneous profiling of gene expression and open chromatin from the same cell to increase your power of discovery to characterize cell types and states to define gene regulatory programs that drive the dramatic changes in proliferation and differentiation properties leading to cell-state transitions.Michael Bronson, earned a Ph.D. from Brown University studying transcription and translational response to Estrogen in breast cancer. Has over 10 years of experience, including field application scientist and business development positions in precision medicine andbioinformatics. Joined 10x Genomicsin 2017, now a Senior Sales Executive providing support formulti-omic single-cell genomics and the multi-omic spatialanalysis of intact tissues for academia and industry clients inNYC and CT.'