b'10VIRTUAL SYMPOSIUM SCHEDULETimes proximate and subject to change.Thursday, April 1, 20219:00 a.m.Welcome Remarks & IntroductionsDiane Krause, M.D., Ph.D. (StemCONN Committee Chair)Yale UniversityIn-Hyun Park, Ph.D.Yale UniversityGeneration of Integrated Brain Organoidsto Investigate Brain Development and DiseasesAlison ONeil, Ph.D.Wesleyan UniversityModeling ALS with Human Stem Cell Derived Motor Neurons9:50 a.m.BreakSe-Jin Lee, M.D., Ph.D.UCONN, The Jackson Laboratory for Genomic Medicine Myostatin: A Molecular Rheostat for Muscle MassMilton B. Wallack Trainee Award Recipient Ann Chen, BSPaired Histopathological and scRNA-seq AnalysisReveals that a Subset of Cancer Stem Cells Contributesto Glioblastoma Invasion10:45 a.m.BreakWelcome BackDoug Melton, Ph.D.Harvard UniversityUsing Stem Cells to Make Designer Islets for DiabeticsSamira Musah, Ph.D.Duke UniversityMolecular and Biophysical Control of Stem Cell Fate12:20 p.m.Closing RemarksHaifan Lin, Ph.D.Yale University, Vice President of ISSCR12:30 p.m.Adjourn until April 8thMeet the Expert SessionsSeveral speakers will hold their own sessions at the conclusion of the day.Must be pre-registered. Visit StemCONN.org to register.'